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Words of Advice from Veteran-Owned Businesses

This last week we celebrated National Veterans Small Business Week with a week of webcasts dedicated to supporting Veteran-owned businesses gain knowledge in marketing, finance, and more.

Alongside the information shared, we spotlighted 4 featured #VetBiz making an impact in their community with their incredible stories and insight to owning and leading a small business – here’s what they said:

You Don’t Have to Figure It Out Yourself

Our first spotlight Veteran-owned business was PCI Pest Control, with Owner and Founder, Matt Purcell. In 2020, PCI Pest Control was recognized for their incredible success and was named theĀ U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) Seattle District Veteran-Owned Small Business of the Year. Matt is an inspiring example of how to turn military leadership skills into business success.

“Although I had the freedom of being my own boss, I benefited from having a mentor, a coach – to ask me where I wanted to take my company, and how to get there.” Matt continues, “I would encourage anybody… [to] hire a coach.”

“Don’t be out here on your own, thinking you gotta figure it out by yourself… there’s a wealth of information that’s out there and available.”

It is true that there are plenty of resources and support for Veteran entrepreneurs out there, including Business Impact NW’s free and virtual drop-in coaching classes.


Joe Krueger Details a Car

Secure Funds Faster

Joe Krueger currently serves as a Staff Sergeant in the Air National Guard 194th Regional Support Wing. Sergeant Krueger has been with the 194th Regional Support Wing in WA as a Security Officer since 2017.

“Business Impact NW, [as an] SBA lender, allowed us to secure those funds we needed faster,” Joe mentioned, “Returning from my deployment, I saved up my money and structured my business plan and all, I knew in the market, where and when I needed to start, so [I did].”

Joe shifted to talking about how he’s kept up his drive towards making Olympic Auto Detailing successful, “Business resources.” Joe stated, “use them when you can, especially if its a new venture you’ve never done before – especially if you [already have] that discipline and structure in your life.”

If you’re thinking about starting a new venture or business, Business Impact NW can help you find your path to Launch Your Business.


Plan A, Plan B, and Plan C

Jon Kuniholm brings years of experience in leading and collaborating on projects, organizations, and businesses. Engineer turned entrepreneur, Kuniholm, founded Stumpworx LLC and forever changed the prosthetics world. In the decades since his injury during his time in Iraq, Jon has been a leading innovator and advocate for amputee and Veteran communities.

“Word of advice…smart employment of your resources at the right place and the right time can help you save money…” Jon states, “But as is often said in entrepreneurship – you should always have a plan C.”

Especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, it can be difficult to align or accomplish plans for your business – if you need support, Business Impact NW is here to help with our COVID-19 Response.


Keep Pushing Innovation

This year, the U.S. Small Business Administration awarded John DeHoff the 2020 Idaho Small Business Persons of the Year. John is the Founder and Owner of Leisureland RV Center in Boise, Idaho.

John mentions that what sets his business apart is to “find the opportunity to offer something that nobody else is offering…we pivoted and became, rather than being the brick and mortar, roadside dealership – we’re all online.”

John goes on to mention some strong advice, “I highly encourage you to reach out and find a mentor. That is what will actually help you scale your business, and [to] get some sleep at night!”

John and wife Carina are Boots to Business alumni from Business Impact NW, and we are so proud to see them succeed and grow. Find your starting point by dropping in on one of our upcoming classes.


About the author

Osmir "Oz" Diaz is the Communications Coordinator at Business Impact NW.
Prior to this role, Oz served as the Marketing and Communications Coordinator at the Technology Access Foundation.

Oz holds a diverse skillset she applies to social justice work and to her passion for amplifying communities online and offline.

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