Coronavirus/COVID-19 Business Support & Resources



  1. CDC- Interim Guidance for Businesses and Employers
  2. US Small Business Administration (SBA)
  3. SHRM - Health, Wellness, and Leave Suggestions
  4. Information on HR6074 - Coronavirus Preparedness and Response Supplemental Appropriateions Act 2020
  5. World Health Organization
  6. 12 Marketing Steps to Face the Coronavirus Threat - Pascha Scott at
  7. Guidance for Businesses who have Government Contracts
  8. US Chamber of Commerce Toolkit
  9. Tips for Surviving COVID-19 - Melissa Forziat Events & Marketing
  10. Adapting Social Media to Support Your Business - Hootsuite

WA State:

  1. Essential or Non-Essential?  Can you stay open in WA State?
  2. Association of WA Businesses (AWB) Resources for Employers
  3. State of Washington Resource List for Businesses and Impacted Workers
  5. WA L&I - Paid Sick Leave Common Questions
  6. Message from WA Governor Jay Inslee - March 6, 2020
  7. WA Employment Security Department
  8. WA State Resource List, including:
    • - Financial Assistance
    • - Export Assistance
    • - Employer and Worker Assistance
    • - Insurance Assistance
  9. WA State Department of Health
  10. WA Department of Commerce
  11. Emergency Management Division Business Preparedness Webpage
  12. WA Small Business Development Center
  13. WA Paid Family and Medical Leave
  14. List of “Essential Critical Infrastructure Workers” (Businesses Allowed to Remain Open) - March 23, 2020

Seattle, King & Surrounding Counties:

  1. King County Department of Public Health
  2. Seattle Office of Economic Development
  3. Seattle: Mayor Durkan Announces Initial Recovery Package
  4. Seattle Office of Economic Development's Small Business COVID-19 Response Weekly Webinars
  5. Rainier Valley Chamber of Commerce Covid-19 Small Business Workshop Webinar (recording)
  6. Amazon Neighborhood Small Business Relief Fund
  7. Nonprofit Funding Assistance through The Seattle Foundation
  8. MBDA Tacoma Business Information & Resources


  1. Business Oregon - Resource List
  2. Oregon Economic Development Association - Impact Assitance
  3. Statement to Oregon Businesses - Oregon Restaurant & Loding Association
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