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The Five Key Steps in Launching Your Small Business

The Five Key Steps in Launching Your Small Business

You have an awesome small business idea or a young business.

You know you should put together a business plan, make a financial plan to ensure you’re going to make money, and find out what you don’t know.  It seems overwhelming, but the process can be broken down into a few achievable steps.

Every year, nearly 100 aspiring and established small business owners work on their business by participating in Impact Pitch.  Through several rounds, people just like you and me put together their business plan pieces, their financials, marketing strategy, and more.  All while having a positive impact on their communities.

If you chose not to apply – whether the timing wasn’t good, you felt like you might not win, or you’re just hearing about it now, you can have access to the same tools, resources, and help, all for free.

Jumpstart your Business:

  1. Plan it out with a Business Model Canvas
  2. Value Proposition – write down and dive into: Why does your business stand out from the rest?
  3. Get your finances in order – ensure you’ll make money
  4. Plan to market your product or service
  5. Learn how to pitch your business – to investors, at networking events, or even to your family.

Click any of the links above to dive into each of the 5 key steps Impact Pitch participants navigate through on the journey to win prizes totaling up to $30,000 for their business!

Don’t forget to RSVP to watch the LIVE final round of Impact Pitch 2021 on October 7th, 2021: RSVP Here

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