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Branding & Marketing Your Small Business

Not everyone wants, or needs, what you’re selling.  So how do you reach the people who should?  In general, you know who your target customers are from your Business Model Canvas.  It may be time to do some market research to find out exactly where they live, what media they consume, and what they will respond to.  One of the best resources is your local public library – they have librarians on staff who can help you do this research through expensive databases that they pay for so that it’s free for you to use.

Then you have to figure out what’s next:

  1. What will your name and logo be? Names, colors, and design are important.
  2. Do you need a website (probably!). Does it sell products (e-commerce), is it an access point to your service, or does it just give information that builds credibility?
  3. Will you use social media?
  4. Would traditional forms of marketing work (print ads, billboards, mailers/flyers)?

It all depends on who your customer is, and what you are selling.  Chances are, you’ll need to hire someone to help you build your brand.  You’ll also need to invest in some form of marketing – whether it’s a website, a coupon, a banner, a sign, a photographer, joining a membership association, or whatever is best for your business.

Not sure where to get started? Start here:

  1. Launch & Grow class series – In-person or virtual 7-week class
  2. Smart Start for Veteran and Military-Connected Entrepreneurs
  3. Work one-on-one with a business coach
  4. Get advice on specific areas of your business through our many classes and trainings, including these marketing and e-commerce classes.
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