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Pitch Your Small Business for Funding

Learning how to clearly and concisely pitch your business is important – whether you are getting a loan, looking for investors, or even securing contracts and relationships.  Use the work you’ve done in business planning to create a presentation.

Here’s how:

  1. Figure out your “elevator speech” – describe yourself and your business in 30 seconds or less.
  2. Share the problem you’re solving with your business – and what makes your solution a good one
  3. Narrow your value proposition down to 1-2 sentences
  4. Prove that actual people need and will buy what you’re selling
  5. Know your numbers – what you’re charging, how much it will cost you to produce, what your operating expenses are, and how much money you think you will make over three years.
    1. You can write down points on notecards, make a powerpoint presentation, write on a whiteboard – whatever it takes to remember the important parts
    2. If you stumble over something, then change how you say it.  You should appear natural, speak in a way anyone could understand, and be confident.
    3. Try it out in front of people.  Friends, family, youtube – whatever it takes to feel comfortable.
  7. Finally, narrow it down to 5 minutes.  If you can’t describe your service, your customer, and your finances in 5 minutes, it may be a sign you should go back and clarify what you do, who your customer is, and how you are going to make money.

Get help with your presentation:

  1. Launch & Grow class series – In-person or virtual 7-week class
  2. Smart Start for Veteran and Military-Connected Entrepreneurs
  3. Work one-on-one with a business coach
  4. Apply for Impact Pitch, held in the Spring each year.


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