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Veteran Small Business Owner Turns Small Business Advocate

Annette’s Beginnings

Annette Washington HeadshotAn entrepreneur most of her adult life, Annette Washington started out in the food business. She also owned several restaurants. Because of her interest in marketing them, she started listening to “motivational speakers and marketing gurus while getting the restaurant ready and making donuts.” As she learned more about marketing, other restaurant owners started reaching out to her for advice around publicizing their own businesses.

A hobby of Annette’s is working with computers and building websites. She decided to combine her interests and return to school for Informational Technology degree. Since then she’s developed two branches of marketing-based businesses. AG Washington Web LLC focuses on website maintenance, design, development and support. IYBS Local focuses on lead generation, paid advertising, and online marketing for small businesses. Her hobbies turned into her business.

Giving Back

Annette Washington is known as one of Business Impact NW’s “Best Friends.” After learning about the services & mission of Business Impact NW, Annette asked how she could help.  As a Veteran, Annette explored the services through our Veterans Outreach Business Center. Program Director Steve Watts-Oelrich contacted her directly. This led to a podcast collaboration, while launching her own marketing consulting business.  The partnership has been going strong ever since.

Annette considers herself a “trusted local partner and small business advocate.” She brings this to the many trainings she does with Business Impact NW and other small business-focused groups. “I try to give [business owners] knowledge that will allow them to make informed decisions, such as: if you want to eat, think like a business owner and not a customer when you charge people!”

Annette maintains her collaboration with Business Impact NW to benefit her businesses as well. “I like knowing there’s always help available. Having confidence doesn’t mean I’m above asking for help – if I want to pick your brain I can reach out and you’ll be there for me. What you’re doing is awesome.”

The Value of Small Business

Annette illustrates the important role of small businesses in our community this way: “If you have 500 small businesses and one closes, you still have 499 businesses and jobs. If one big business with 500 employees closes, you’ve lost that business and 500 jobs.”

Thank you Annette, for the important work you do supporting small businesses with your own business and through your work with Business Impact NW. We’re happy to call you one of our Best Friends!


Annette Washington is the owner of AG Washington Web LLC and IYBS Local.

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