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Seattle-Based REWIRE Aims to Transform Brain Health for All

It is always important to keep up to date on your mental and physical health and wellbeing. Our bodies require constant care and attention to improve their quality of life. Science and doctors can be stressful things to think about, especially financially. People like Xenia Kachur, the proud owner of REWIRE, believe there is more to recovery than waiting to heal.

The Power of Healing

REWIRE is located in Greenlake, Seattle, and began in July of 2020. REWIRE describes its business as a 31-minute fitness protocol that uses cutting-edge technologies to optimize brain health and performance. This means that people will come in for 20 to 40 sessions and we enable their physiology to naturally reverse depression, anxiety, sleep issues, and fatigue,” Kachur said.

Kachur was a former competitive athlete until she got multiple concussions. REWIRE’s goal is to show people that they have a higher baseline in their quality of life.  

“I got several concussions and the result of that was that I got depression and anxiety and sleep issues," Kachur said. "The advice I had gotten from my neurologist was that I just had to sit and wait. I was doing that but my symptoms weren’t getting better."

Kachur was optimistic in the idea that there was more to simply resting. She knew that her body was missing something that was keeping her from improving her mental and physical health.

“We’ve been studying the brain for decades, so we have to know more than sit and wait because we know how to heal bones, we know how to heal organ issues, so why can’t we heal brains?” Kachur said.

Kachur met Doctor West, one of her clinicians who showed Kachur how technology can transform her brain health. In a matter of weeks, Doctor West successfully got Kachur out of her depression. Soon after, they decided to partner together and combine additional technologies that they knew could rapidly improve symptoms.

Wired for Success

Kachur and Doctor West created REWIRE together in July of 2020. This was during the time of the pandemic. 

“It was scary," Kachur said. "We were launching this new technology that requires in-person use during a time when everyone is really scared.”

Seeing some of her first customers give her business a chance by exploring the new technology warmed Kachur's heart. Kachur knew that her customers believed in what she was doing. She believes that REWIRE has grown organically because of these customers and people spreading the word about this new company.

“It is the most rewarding thing, even launching a business during COVID," Kachur said. "To be able to meet people where they’re at and see them progress through the hardship that we’re all experiencing,” 

According to Kachur, the overall quality of life has to do with mental health, brain health, and physical health. REWIRE works to target the brain and physical health to try and improve people's quality of life.

“My goal is to show people that they can have a higher baseline in their quality of life,” Kachur said. “We get used to our everyday struggles like not getting enough sleep or not having enough energy. We learn to adapt to that, but that really isn’t the way that it can be. So, people who come and work with us, they get to experience what it’s like to have a high quality of life or a high baseline for health.”

Being an entrepreneur has allowed Kachur the opportunity to do what she has always been passionate about.

“This business is reflective of my values in health and wellness,” Kachur said. “To be able to not only have that in my personal life but to be able to empower other people through my business, it just reinforces how important it is to work on things in which I’m passionate about.”

When she was searching for resources to help her business flourish, she found Business Impact NW. Not only did she receive dedicated, free one-on-one coaching, but she participated in all the rounds of Impact Pitch 2021 which ultimately led to her business winning Best Established Business 2021.

“Business Impact NW is an amazing resource for small resources and we appreciate having access to it,” Kachur said.

Working in a company you are passionate about makes everything more worthwhile. Kachur is proud of her company and those who come to experience REWIRE.

“Everyone who works at REWIRE, their mentality, and their goal are to create a space that’s safe and healing and connecting,” Kachur said.

Kachur plans on expanding to other places in the city. They hope to open their next location in Redmond and in downtown Seattle and expand regionally from there.

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