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5 Reasons to Shop Local

The 12th Annual Small Business Saturday is this weekend, November 27th!
Beyond this date, small businesses are equally important every other day of the year. If you’re wondering why that is so, here are a few reasons:

1. Support the Local Economy

By choosing to shop at small businesses, you are investing in your community. American Express estimates that an average of $.67 of every dollar spent at a small business stays in the local economy.

2. Gain Access to Personal Customer Service

Shopping at a small business allows for a personalized consumer experience. Due to their size, it is easier to meet the business owner and staff who work there. The dynamics between employees and customers at small businesses contribute to a more unique shopping experience. Small businesses often offer locally sourced and innovative items, adding to the personal customer service experience.

3. Create Local, Valuable Jobs

Small businesses create jobs in their industries that stay local. Creating this pipeline of talent in that industry not only enhances the community but builds future pathways for others to pursue careers doing the same.

4. Protect the Environment and Your Health

If you keep travel down and local, you save emissions polluted into the air. Alongside that, you could walk to and from businesses, exercising a bit while supporting the growth of your community.

5. Inadvertently Create a Trade Hub

Small business owners usually shop locally themselves. Restaurants source local produce, boutiques source local fabric, products, or locally made goods, and more. Supporting this networking and trading hub only continues to build the strength of your community.

Ready to Shop Local?

Find Small Businesses Near You

The Business Impact NW Directory – While shopping this holiday season, be sure to check out our directory! From arts and entertainment to retail small businesses, our directory connects you with small businesses from Washington and Oregon. You can search by business category or ownership category.

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