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Small Business Spotlight: Hope Amongst the Hurdles

A block rectangleEven with everything that happened in 2020, Palacia Scott felt equipped to continue her passion for her business. We visited her salon in Seattle to talk about the obstacles she has faced. Palacia Scott is the owner of PCL Salon Studio (The Palacia Chamberlain Lee Salon) and winner of the Community of Color Owned Award from this year’s Impact Pitch competition.

Sitting on the corner of a vibrant neighborhood in Northgate, Seattle, is the PCL Salon Studio. This salon is a fairly new venture for Palacia, one that came with many hurdles. Palacia mentioned she struggled with navigating the industry. She was also discouraged by a previous business development organization that was not seeing her vision for all it truly was.

 “I was right on the verge [of giving up], I was working with another business development center and things were not going well.”

Giving up was not an option for Palacia. Instead she continued to pursue her vision for an inclusive, accessible, salon for all. Although current restrictions have heavily impacted the way her business is usually operated, she has only used the time to enhance her work. As a stylist dedicated to her vision, she has found resources to support people with different hair, different needs, and all the accommodations she can make happen. She does this for any client that walks through her doors. “People may see me and think I can only service one type of customer, but really, I am here to service a good service to any and all types of hair and beauty needs – no matter gender, religion, or anything.” 

There hasn’t been a moment for Palacia where she let any discouragement get to her. She has seen every moment as an opportunity to build and grow. There were hurdles she overcame early on, but recognizes that there may be more to come. Palacia is committed to her vision. She is also committed to doing anything possible to overcome current and future obstacles. Even with the unknown future of small businesses in the area.

This mindset is what drove her to seek the support offered at Business Impact NW, where she was connected with a business coach, classes, and resources to help her pursue her vision, “I feel so comfortable asking necessary questions to do better in my business…The staff and course instructors are helpful, thorough, warm, and very friendly. For every course, webinar, training, and event I have ever taken, I always leave [feeling] better,” she continued,

Every day, I feel more confident in operating as an entrepreneur and success has become more frequent. I am so grateful for the selfless hard work that you do, pouring into the small businesses and the many lives of entrepreneurs in every stage of business.”

There was heavy cleaning and sanitation happening all around as a client entered the salon. Visits to salons definitely feel different and a bit nerve-wrecking right now. But Palacia still brings that feeling of comfort and connectedness that comes with a salon visit. Her charisma radiated through the space and she got to work. Guiding, conversing, and even educating her client the entire time.

There is hope in the fuel that drives Palacia’s mindset to succeed. Also in the energy that she brings to her work, where for a little while, connecting with your hairstylist feels normal again.

Support Palacia Scott’s Salon by visiting her website here.

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