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Resources and Support for Latin-Owned Businesses in the Pacific Northwest

National Hispanic Heritage Month is celebrated from September 15th - October 15th every year. The month is dedicated to honoring and celebrating the contributions of Hispanic and Latin individuals throughout the world.

At Business Impact NW, we’d like to celebrate our local Pacific Northwest Hispanic and Latin populations by showcasing small businesses that identify as Latin-owned; offering free resources, support, and more.

Support from Entrepreneurs Like You

Owning a business takes a lot of work and time. All that commitment can make you feel alone in your journey. Know that you’re not alone and there’s plenty of online communities you can participate in to get advice, insight, and learn more from Latin entrepreneurs just like you.

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Access Professional Support

There are a variety of resources, programs, funding opportunities, and support you can find local to the PNW. Below are a few free and low-cost resources available to you now:

  1. Free One-on-One Business Coaching - Get paired with an AASBC Certified Business Coach for free. Business coaching sessions can be held in-person, over the phone, or via video conferencing.
  2. Virtual Drop-In With a Tax Professional - Free drop-in sessions get your general questions answered or for $40 get virtual direct support with your tax questions.
  3. Free Virtual Drop-In With a Business Insurance Professional - Join a no-commitment drop-in session to get your questions answered about insurance for your small business.
  4. Free Virtual Drop-In With a Business Law Professional - Join a no-commitment drop-in session to get your questions answered about your small business and the law.

Support & Connect with the Community

Whether you want to support other Hispanic/Latin entrepreneurs or want to connect with other successful people, we compiled a list of PNW-local Hispanic/Latin-identifying businesses you can check out:

  • Resistencia Coffee - (Seattle, WA) Neighborhood coffee shop in the heart of South Park in Seattle, WA.
  • Tacos Mirrey - (Seattle, WA) New food truck and catering option offering fresh Mexican food in Seattle and surrounding areas.
  • Ahora Construction - (Burien, WA) Burien-based Ahora Construction was founded by and owned by Jimmy Mata, Burien's first Latino Mayor.
  • Mis Tacones - (Portland, OR) Mis Tacones, serves as both a restaurant and a community space open to other BIPOC and queer-owned businesses.
  • Wicked Garden Alchemy - (Portland, OR) Owner Correna Hernandez brews delicious vegan potions and elixirs out of Wicked Garden Alchemy in Portland.
  • Hot Mama Salsa - (Portland, OR) Based out of Portland, OR, Nikki Guerrero founded Hot Mama Salsa, hand producing fresh salsas, hot sauces, and chili oils using traditional ethnic cooking methods and fresh local ingredients.
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