Community Groups To Join as a Minority-Owned Business in the PNW

With a history of male, white-dominant institutions in the United States, different disenfranchised groups of people have had to rely on building their own support structures. These organizations are sometimes the only way a group of similar people can get the compassionate support they needed to navigate major life events - like owning a business.

If you're an entrepreneur looking for minority-owned business community groups in the PNW, you're in the right place. Below is a continually updated list of unique groups and organizations that focus on supporting their respective demographic of entrepreneurs.  You can also add your favorite groups and the community they serve in the comments:

About the author

Communications Manager at Business Impact NW

Osmir "Oz" Díaz is the Communications Manager at Business Impact NW,
dedicated to amplifying the work of diverse entrepreneurs online and offline.

Oz holds a variety of skills in digital marketing that she applies to her work for racial equity and social justice in the digital landscape.

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  1. Kevin - February 16, 2022

    There are a number of very effective organizations in Tacoma-Pierce County you may want to add to your listings…

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