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Impact Pitch winners with giant checks

IMPACT Pitch 2023 Recap: Where Small Businesses Shine

On October 5th, 2023, Business Impact NW hosted IMPACT Pitch 2023 live from Imperia Lake Union, Seattle. IMPACT Pitch 2023 is our 8th annual pitch competition for traditionally underserved small businesses who are committed to bettering their local communities to share fresh and innovative ideas.

We had an amazing turnout this year with over 100 attendees and the event provided a platform for the participating businesses to network and connect with fellow entrepreneurs, supporters, and industry experts. The environment allowed attendees to exchange ideas and explore potential collaborations.

Impact Pitch 2023

Business Impact NW, with the help of our amazing event sponsors, were able to award $36,000 to small businesses. We would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to our generous sponsors whose support made IMPACT Pitch 2023 a resounding success. Their continued support of our mission is greatly appreciated.

“Such a fun event! It was such a wonderful experience to see the pitches live, feel their ownership and enthusiasm for their craft. It truly brings home why Business Impact NW does what they do: they are the support system to help businesses grow and thrive.” – Stacey Krynsky, Beneficial State Bank.

We want to give a special thanks to our Presenting Sponsor, Harborstone Credit Union, who has been a sponsor since the inception of this event 8 years ago. Their unwavering commitment to empowering small businesses has been instrumental in the success of IMPACT Pitch year after year.

“Harborstone Credit Union and Business Impact NW both share the same belief… Building a Thriving Community by way of Small Business and Financial Literacy Education. One moment about last night that stood out for me was watching Anthony Wilson (Papa Tony’s Hot Sauce LLC) presenting his pitch… you could see his passion and professionalism he brought with him.” – Jason Hamblin, Harborstone Credit Union.

Thank you to all who made IMPACT Pitch an unforgettable experience. We are grateful for the support and contributions from attendees, judges, MC, and virtual audience. To those who donated through registration this year, in person and virtual, your generosity fuels our mission to drive positive change.

“This was my first time attending IMPACT Pitch. I really enjoyed the variety of the businesses and the passion displayed by everyone! I’m excited to learn about more small businesses in my area and look forward to supporting them. I will be back!” – Erik Stahr, event attendee.

Introducing the 2023 Impact Pitch Finalists

finalists impact pitch 2023The IMPACT Pitch participants went through a 5-month long intensive program where they worked with business coaches to build a strong business plan, business model, and fine tune their final business pitch.

10 participants made it to the final round competing for Idea/Best Startup Business, Best Early-Stage Business, and Best-Established Business.

Idea/Startup Business

Early Stage Business

Established Business

Special Mention

Business Impact NW was thrilled to welcome back two finalists from our 2022 IMPACT Pitch competition to be our premier beverage in-kind sponsors for the 2023 event. UVA Furem Winery was the winner for the Established Business category and Ark Beverages was one of the ten finalists.

UVA Furem Winery generously donated their exceptional wine for the event, and we are excited to share the news that they will soon be opening a new tasting room in Maple Valley.

We were also delighted to offer a non-alcoholic option through Ark Beverages. Their crafted NA cocktails inspired by traditional Indian beverages, added a unique twist to the event.

But that’s not all! We were fortunate to have one of last year’s finalists step into a new role in 2023. Nathanael Engen, Founder of Black Forest Mushrooms and an IMPACT Pitch 2022 finalist, returned as a guest judge for this year’s competition. His journey from participant to judge exemplifies the continuous growth and engagement of our community.

Together, these exceptional individuals demonstrated the power of collaboration, mentorship, and paying it forward. Their decision to support IMPACT Pitch 2023 was a testament to the spirit of collaboration that defines our community. We extend our heartfelt appreciation.

Diverse Voices, Singular Goal

In the past 8 years IMPACT Pitch has grown and evolved thanks to the incredible support and participation from our community. This year, we are proud to announce that we’ve witnessed one of the most diverse groups of finalists in the event’s history. This represents a major step forward in our commitment to inclusivity and equitable opportunities for all.

The diverse array of voices in this year’s competition has been integral in shaping a united vision for our community. Each finalist brought unique perspectives and experiences that enrich our entrepreneurial landscape. This diversity not only fosters innovation and creativity but also strengthens economic resilience in our local communities.

Furthermore, in recognizing the importance of accessibility and inclusivity, we offered a virtual option at no cost to ensure that people regardless of location or circumstances could participate and engage with IMPACT Pitch. This flexibility not only broadens our community reach but underscores our commitment to equity and inclusivity.

The Heart of the Event: The Pitches

The atmosphere was buzzing with energy and it was a joy to learn about the unique and innovative goods and services the finalists offer. Ranging from gourmet hot sauce made with local ingredients, sneaker cleaning services, and eco-friendly household products. We heard businesses tackling unique community challenges by offering accessible camping to urban dwellers to unplug from city life. As well as a small business providing inclusive childcare and tailoring curriculum to empower children and promote positive self-expression.

These inspiring businesses hailed from all corners of the Pacific Northwest, spanning from Oregon up to Bellingham, WA, showcasing the breadth of industrious entrepreneurs in our region.

The dedication of participants over the past few months has been exceptional, and last night’s live pitches were a testament to their entrepreneurial journey. The audience, both in-person and online, was captivated and inspired by the stories and ideas being shared.

Announcing the Winners

Best Startup Business Award Winner: T-DUB Customs T-DUB Customs

T-DUB Customs is Seattle’s first dry cleaner for sneakers. Their full-service state-of-the-art facility will allow customers to drop off their footwear to be cleaned, restored, or customized all in one location.

“IMPACT Pitch has taught me what it means to be able to sell your business to banks and investors in a professional manner. It has also shown me how prepared I am to bring The Re-Sole 206 to the masses. The event last night was marvelous and with the prize money we are going to build our team! Our train for hire program will begin in the coming weeks so if you’re interested in working with us reach out.”

Best Early-Stage Business Award Winner: Coast to Coast Sustainable Solutions

Coast to Coast Sustainable Solutions Impact Pitch


Coast to Coast Sustainable Solutions is on a mission to provide customers with eco-friendly, sustainable products that are made with quality and care and can also be washed and reused.

“IMPACT Pitch has opened our eyes to the skillsets we have as business owners. We aren’t just makers sewing products all day, we are badass women running a successful company which absolutely has the potential to grow even more! The dream of having a dedicated space to work out of, providing jobs in our community, and helping our customers save money and the planet is real, that is what keeps us going. We are so grateful for this award and all that Business Impact NW has done for the small business community!

Best Established Business Award Winner: All N Haul LLC

All N Haul LLC

All N Haul LLC is a professional junk removal service committed to providing efficient and environmentally friendly solutions for residential and commercial customers, in Oregon.

“When you’re in business, you don’t realize how far you’ve come and the things you have done to stay in business… IMPACT Pitch has reminded me of all the mini great qualities that All N Haul has and continues to have. We are thankful for this opportunity and blessed just to be a part of the conversation.”

Best Marketing Video: Sound Sport Performance & Training

Sound Sport Performance & Training

Sound Sport Performance & Training not only helps those on a fitness and performance journey by providing space & strength and conditioning programs; they motivate their clients to be the best version of themselves, hold them accountable to their goals, and have a little fun along the way.

“These pitch competitions let you brag a bit about your business, showcase your skills, abilities, or products to people who may never run across your stuff organically, and they are fantastic networking events. You never know who’s in the crowd that needs your product and/or service or know someone who can benefit from what you bring to the table. Thank you so much for having us and putting on a spectacular event!”

While the cash prizes were undoubtedly a reward for their hard work, the real triumph was the impact these entrepreneurs are making in their communities. Their dedication and innovative solutions were celebrated and recognized by all.

A Concluding Note: Beyond the Pitch

IMPACT Pitch 2023 not only showcased the dedication of our finalists, but it also demonstrated the strength and resilience of the small business community in the Pacific Northwest.

Through technical assistance and lending support Business Impact NW remains committed to empowering underserved entrepreneurs and breaking down barriers. We look forward to continuing our mission of growing businesses that create jobs in underserved communities.

Together, we’re building a brighter future for small businesses across the region. Thank you for being a part of this incredible journey.


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Carolina is responsible for leading the Marketing and Communications department. She has a vast professional experience in marketing, market research and consulting, working with clients and organizations across many industries and in multiple Latin American countries. She earned her B.A. in Business Administration from Universidad Austral de Chile, a Master of Finance from Universidad de Chile, and a Certificate in Marketing from UC Berkeley. Outside of work she enjoys hiking, watching documentaries and volunteering.
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