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Celebrating Dreams Webinars & Panels

Celebrating Dreams, Webinars & Panels: Helping Businesses Re-Invent and Build Resiliency

We are two weeks away from Celebrating Dreams 2020. This year’s event has so much to offer aspiring and current business owners! Leading up to the virtual event, participants will join business experts for three live webinars: Keeping the Lights On, Marketing Strategies – Online & IRL, and Financial Business Resiliency. Attendees will learn strategies that build business sustainability. Strategies taught will include the Business Resiliency Toolkit, financial planning and analysis skills, and actionable marketing tactics to jump start your business.

Take a look at the webinars below and register!

Business Resiliency: Keeping the Lights On

Business Resiliency: Keeping the Lights On focuses on helping businesses prepare to respond quickly and recover from disruptions beyond their control. Such as the COVID-19 Pandemic for instance.

The webinar includes an introduction to a 25-page guide to assist small business owners during unprecedented times. Participants will also receive a business resiliency plan template that they can customize to meet the specific needs of their business. The webinar will be moderated by Jenefeness Tucker, Certified Business Advisor for the Washington Small Business Development Center (WSBDC). The Washington Women’s Business Center (WWBC) Covid Response Team Business Coaches Christine Buckley, Ruth Qi and Oren Shani will join the Q&A session. Get more information about the WWBC Covid Response Team: https://businessimpactnw.org/washington-womens-business-center/

Click the link to register Business Resiliency: Keeping the Lights On – https://businessimpactnw.org/event/business-resiliency-keeping-the-lights-on/

Business Resiliency: Marketing Webinar

Whether your small business has existed for years, or just recently started up, finding the most effective marketing strategies is critical. Certainly during trying times. Marketing Business Resiliency: Marketing Strategies – Online & IRL addresses just that! This webinar aims to help you pivot your marketing plan to find clients during COVID-19.

Moderator Susan Perreault is Director of the Washington Women’s Business Center. Her extensive business experience, interests, and academic training have prepared her to coach business owners in a broad range of areas. She has skills in business administration, organizational leadership, entrepreneurship, operations management, distribution, marketing, sales, strategic management, and international business.

Panelists include:

Annette Washington-Goff, IYBS Local

IYBS Local is a veteran owned and woman-owned business. It is centered on helping small business owners successfully navigate through the online marketing space. Their mission is to help 1,000 local businesses experience business growth using the online marketing strategies they teach. Read more about their services: https://iybs-local.com/

Tracey Warren, InSpark Co-working

InSpark provides an amazing place to work for entrepreneurs, business owners, and remote workers. The space includes a number of amenities you would expect and some of the unexpected. For example, some of the amenities support for one another, weekly workshops, on-the-spot brainstorming opportunities and even the random dance break. Click the link to visit their website: https://insparkcoworking.com/

Bernadette Smith, Swatch Junkie Creative LLC

Swatch Junkie Creative helps startups and small businesses connect with their customers through human-centered design, modern technology and digital communication. They work with global clients at all stages of their digital transformation journeys. The LLC helps clients achieve their goals with strategic and creative solutions that drive results. Learn more here: https://swatchjunkie.com/

Click the link to register for Business Resiliency: Marketing Webinar – https://businessimpactnw.org/event/business-resiliency-marketing-strategies-online-irl/

Financial Business Resiliency: Understanding the Financial Impacts

Join our expert panel as they provide the information you need for financial business resiliency in the face of changing circumstances: Understanding financial impacts, managing business finances, cash flow planning, credit-building, financial relationships, and the importance of insurance coverage.

Moderator Christine Buckley, is COVID-19 Response Team Member for Business Impact NW. Christine has been an advisor to small businesses through her work with several Puget Sound area Women’s Business Centers as well as her private consultancy. She enjoys assisting clients with financial literacy, cash flow and financial statement analysis.

Tina Narron, Verity Credit Union

One of the panelists, Tina Narron, is Chief Lending Officer for Verity Credit Union, our Celebrating Dreams Presenting Sponsor. Tina is is an advocate for increasing the diversity of business owners in the Seattle business community. She has been a true partner to Business Impact NW. Tina also serves on the advisory board for WWBC. “Being deliberate about supporting women-owned businesses puts actions to words.” Take a look at Verity’s services: https://www.veritycu.com/

Click the link to register for Financial Business Resiliency: Understanding the Financial Impacts – https://businessimpactnw.org/event/financial-business-resiliency/

The live Celebrating Dreams live virtual event on July 30th will feature two amazing panels that give attendees a closer look at how some businesses have pivoted this year. Take a look at a brief synopsis of each panel and a few of our panelists!

Business Resiliency: Navigating Uncertainty

During this panel, WWBC businesses will discuss their experience successfully navigating during these uncertain times.

Panelists include:

Priyanka Raha, PopSmartKids

PopSmartKids is committed to creating apps that will bring kids and families closer by exploring creativity through writing stories and creating art in a collaborative online experience. They work to transform the way children spend time with their digital devices. Take a look at PopSmartKids: https://popsmartkids.com/

Casey Hubbell, Yoga Wild

Yoga Wild was a 2019 Impact Pitch winner and is a yoga company for students outside the typical yoga demographic. They are making an impact by encouraging people to get off their computers, and screens and out in their community and in nature. Read more about Yoga Wild: https://beyogawild.com/

Erin Andrews, indi chocolate

indi chocolate sources cacao beans directly from farmers and cooperatives to make small batch, single origin, dark chocolate. They make a wide range of cacao based products including teas, spice rubs, mixology kits and body care products made from cocoa butter. Click the link to see their products: https://indichocolate.com/

JMarie Johnson-Kola, A Community Connected

A Community Connected is a local, faith-based nonprofit that helps individuals facing poverty through the model called Open Table. Using the model of the Open Table, they provide a platform for relationships that transcend social, economic, racial, and generational barriers. Get more information about A Community Connected: https://www.community-connected.org/

Business Resiliency: Marketing Strategies – Online & IRL

Being smart with marketing ensures the success of your business by attracting more customers, and keeping them coming back. Join our Marketing panel and learn ways to strengthen your marketing strategies during the pandemic.

Moderator Ashley Minter is the Communications Officer for Businesses Impact NW. She is a public relations and communications professional and has worked for numerous organizations in Georgia including the City of South Fulton, City of Union City, and Prevent Child Abuse Georgia. Ashley is also CEO of Ashley Nicole Communications, a boutique public relations firm in Atlanta.

Panelists include:

Heidi Cleveland, Verity

Heidi is Chief Marketing Officer for Verity Credit Union. Verity is a true champion of the community and is committed to supporting the people and endeavors that make communities grow and thrive. They provide full-service mortgage and investment services. Plus all the same product and service offerings of a large institution but they do it while remaining truly personable.

Christine Stepherson, Team Soapbox

Team Soapbox is experienced in strategic communications and marketing for non-profits, public agencies, and businesses who are working to leave the world better than they found it. They work to affect behavior change through strategies that attract attention to community issues that might otherwise have a hard time cutting through the noise. Find out more about Team Soapbox: https://www.teamsoapbox.com/

Amalia Martino, The Vida Agency

The Vida Agency develops and executes brand campaigns and brand- and issue-related communication services. Vida Agency markets to segments such as health, transportation, retail, consumer, political campaigns, public policy, education, and more. They broaden (or pinpoint) audiences, expand possibilities, ask new questions and amplify the voices of the unheard and underserved. Visit their website: https://thevidaagency.com/

Laura Clise, Intentionalist – Founder, CEO

Intentionalist is an online guide to intentional spending that supports small businesses and diverse local communities. We make it easy for you to find local restaurants, bars, gyms, shops, and more owned by women, people of color, veterans, LGBTQ, families, and differently abled people. Learn more about the Intentionalist: https://intentionalist.com/

To sum up, get your FREE Ticket and join us for the Celebrating Dreams live virtual event on July 30th from 6-7:30PM: https://businessimpactnw.org/tickets

About the author

Ashley Minter
Communications Officer at Business Impact NW

Ashley Minter is a contract Communications Officer at Business Impact NW. Ashley is a public relations and communications professional and has worked for numerous organizations in Georgia including the City of South Fulton, City of Union City, Prevent Child Abuse Georgia, and Fulton County. Ashley is also CEO of Ashley Nicole Communications, a boutique public relations firm in Atlanta.

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