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Welcome Susan Perreault, Business Coach and Trainer

After being an entrepreneur herself and earning a doctorate in business administration, Susan was looking for a position in small business coaching. She got to know about Business Impact NW when she started looking at what was available in the market place. One of the things she really liked about Business Impact NW was the fact that it serves an underserved community and that its mission is to empower the people that fall into this category.

As a former business owner she understands how difficult it can be for a woman to start a business. She looked at all the things Business Impact NW had to offer and thought: “Those are the things I wished I had available to me before I started.” She understands what the advantages are if you have all the support that Business Impact NW and the Women’s Business Center offer.

She describes herself as someone who is willing to take a chance, loves to learn new things and try new avenues of both business and hobbies. She feels that she’s well matched with Business Impact NW because she appreciates the challenges business owners have to overcome and the fact that not everybody has the personality to pursue a business. She understands how important it is to be able to have that frame of mind and the strength it takes to see it through.

Susan’s job at Business Impact NW is twofold. One is as an instructor for a variety of programs we offer, including Square One and Launch & Grow. The other part is being a business coach where she works one-on-one and helps people in whatever aspect of their business they need assistance with. She loves her job and would like to continue doing it for the foreseeable future.

It’s only her fourth week at Business Impact NW, but she says it is exactly what she thought it would be. She says: “Everybody is very helpful and each come with their own background. It’s really nice because somebody at Business Impact NW probably has insight into a particular area, something you don’t have. Everybody helps each other.” She finds the job very challenging since every client is different and as she’s teaching them, they teach her new things too. Having a client that says “Thank you” is the kind of recognition that means most to her because if she gets positive feedback from our clients, she knows she’s doing the right thing.

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