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Coast to Coast

Sustainable Sisterhood: Building a Greener Future Together

In the beautiful landscape of the PNW, two best friends, Stephanie Torres & Stephanie Manning, found themselves united by their shared love for sustainable solutions and sustainable living. Their friendship blossomed after marrying their partners and returning to their husbands’ home state of WA. Bonded by their shared name and love for recycling and creating, the two friends decided to focus on ideas for a business. Born out of those ideas, and the unfortunate Covid-19 pandemic, Coast to Coast Sustainables started as a mask-making company and evolved into a venture dedicated to providing alternatives for everyday living.  

sustainable products Sustainable Solutions 

Stephanie M. and Stephanie T. envisioned a world where sustainable solutions, practicality, and style coexisted. With this vision, they curated a line of products designed to reduce waste, promote eco-conscious living, and ignite a passion for sustainable products. Focusing on the four “R” s, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, and Repurpose, they created an innovative line of kitchen, personal, and beauty products that set them apart from other small businesses in the industry.  

Sustainability was not the only goal in this venture, as Stephanie and Stephanie were looking towards making long-term eco-solutions for the company’s footprint. These durable, compostable items can last for years with proper care. The company’s focus was to remain as green as possible, which led to partnering with other sustainable solution companies. Coast to Coast uses EcoEnclose packaging for shipping. Additionally, they use Splash™ cotton laminate that is water-resistant and food-safe, as well as OEKO-TEX certified. This is locally sourced from another woman-owned business, Splash Fabrics.  Some of the company’s best sellers include: reusable tissues, sandwich/snack bags, and reusable towels. These much-loved products come in multiple patterns, a style to match every personality.  

“There’s so much the Business Impact NW has to offer.” 

Navigating the Small Business World

As women entrepreneurs in the predominantly- male Green Industry, Stephanie and Stephanie” have encountered their fair share of obstacles. However, with resilience and determination, they have conquered and continue to overcome these challenges. Boosted by the unwavering support of Business Impact NW, through coaching, personalized support, and assistance, including an opportunity to take part in Impact Pitch, they’ve expanded their skills exponentially.

Coast to Coast Impact Pitch

In 2023, Coast to Coast Sustainables, was invited to participate in our annual business pitch event. “We applied for the grant, and we started making it to the next rounds. We had a coach, and you know, there’s classes, and it just opened a whole world of ideas” Stephanie T. explains. Gaining additional access to invaluable and life-long resources, Stephanie and Stephanie were able to upskill their business plan efforts, expand their network, and propel their small business to even bigger heights. Demonstrating a positive impact in their community, Coast to Coast Sustainables made it through all 5 challenging rounds of the competition and were crowned 2023′ s Best Early-Stage Business. Along with the $6,000 award, they were given access to a multitude of resources, including access to Canva Pro. Stephanie M. states, “With Canva Pro, it really helped us to learn another system of putting information out”. 

“They want you to realize and recognize what they’re doing has a huge impact and they will help you continue to grow and have an impact on your business. I think the one thing that sets Business Impact NW aside from the others, is the continued support and checking in to see how things are going.” 

Connections and Customer Impact 

At the heart of Coast to Coast Sustainables lies a deep commitment to fostering meaningful connections with their customers and community in order to market and develop personalized sustainable solutions. Stephanie T. and Stephanie M. take pride in hearing the stories and experiences of their customers, with each interaction serving as a reminder of the impact their products have on individuals and the future of the planet. Whether assisting a customer in selecting the best eco-friendly product or helping to find that perfect design to match a customer’s unique style, their dedication to personalized service is fundamental to their success. “People’s reactions and love for the products, you know, and so many people will come back for more”, declared Stephanie M., when discussing daily inspiration.  

Both Stephanie and Stephanie thoroughly enjoy and look forward to the personal interaction with their customers. At one market, a customer was so in awe of all the products that she eventually showed up to every market and bough products to ship to her family in France, marking their first international client base. Summer had passed before she was able to make it to another market, and right away, Stephanie M. remembered her, thrilling the excited customer, who couldn’t believe the level of personal connection. Another customer happily approached the team, surprised they remembered her as one of their customers from their very first market, and was so excited to let them know that her reusable tissues had lasted for years. The customers’ joy and appreciation for a product that both Stephanie’s find the same joy in creating, continues to motivate them daily.  

Empowering Women in Entrepreneurship 

The co-founders of Coast to Coast Sustainbles are passionate advocates for female empowerment in both the business world and the Green Industry. Through their own journey, they recognize the importance of seeking added support, mentorship, coaching, and funding assistance, especially in a male-centric field. By collaborating with organizations such as the SBA and Business Impact NW, they have cultivated a network of support that has been instrumental in navigating the twists and turns of entrepreneurship and fostering long-term success. In addition, programs like Impact Pitch, Washington Women’s Business Center, and more are offered through Business Impact NW as an entry-level to established business support.  

A Greener Path for The Future 

With Coast to Coast Sustainables, Stephanie T. and Stephanie M., are charting a path that champions both sustainability and inspires others to embrace eco-friendly products and a greener lifestyle. Their merchandise, designed to stand the test of time and minimize environmental impact, serves as a beacon of hope for a brighter tomorrow. These tangible products are a reminder of the collective responsibility we all share in shaping the future of our planet for the next generations. As Coast to Coast Sustainables continues to grow, guided by the unwavering support of Business Impact NW, they remain steadfast in their commitment to creating and inspiring a world of sustainability.  

Celebrating friendship, passion, and resilience, Stephanie T. and Stephanie M., are a testimony to the powerful bonds of friendship and creativity. Together, they have proved that with dedication and a vision, anything is attainable, including the way sustainability and creativity in finding long-term sustainable solutions is approached. Through one reusable product at a time, their journey serves as inspiration for small businesses in the Green Industry, highlighting collaboration, commitment to a better future, and success as women entrepreneurs.  

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About the author

Emma Seymour is an experienced and accomplished Communications and Public Relations professional. A masterful storyteller, she excels at building relationships, curating compelling content, and crafting impactful narratives.

Alongside her professional accomplishments, Emma also dedicates herself to advocating for veterans, transitioning service members, and their spouses as a military spouse herself and former small business owner. She has been privileged to deliver keynote speeches and participate in speaking engagements that address workforce development, military initiatives, and childhood trauma. Emma cherishes her role as a mother to four incredible children and finds solace in hiking and road trips with her family and pets.

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