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small business success

Invest in Small Business Success

You can make an impact investment into our portfolio with guaranteed returns at a guaranteed interest rate.  Your investment is loaned out to underserved small business owners so that they can start and grow successful businesses, providing living wage jobs within their communities and helping to build wealth for themselves and their families.

Since our inception in 1997, we have provided loans to nearly 900 under-banked small businesses, creating and sustaining over 6,000 jobs, and graduated over 400 of our loan customers to commercial banks.

Business Impact NW has provided business assistance and entrepreneurial training to over 40,000 prospective, nascent, and experienced entrepreneurs, approximately:

  • 30% low or very low-income
  • 20% moderate income
  • 50% persons of color
  • 60% women

These programs are funded through Investment Capital, Sponsorships, Grants, and Donations. Investing in a community lender like Business Impact NW ensures both financial and social returns.

To learn more about investing, including returns, our portfolio, and more, please contact BIN Logo on white Joe Sky-Tucker.

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Your investment with BIN will not only earn you a return, your funds will have a direct impact on your community providing the capital to make a difference in your neighborhood.

Demand for services is constantly increasing, especially with the recent recession rendering many previously bankable companies under-banked. This is where you come in. By leveraging additional funds, and/ or creating new financial products, investing in a community lender like Business Impact NW ensures both financial and social returns.

BIN’s mission to offer affordable financial products and business assistance to constituents relies on low-cost, patient capital structures to account for the greater-than-market financing risk.

BIN works in tandem with its community supporters to continue to deliver and expand social returns in our region.

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