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To Our CDFI and Small Business Community

I am incredibly saddened to inform you all that Roland Chaiton passed away due to complications from colon cancer on April 17, 2024. Roland worked at Business Impact NW/Community Capital Development since 2003.  He was dedicated to his clients and was almost universally beloved.  When he presented a loan to the team you got the story and the numbers of how this infusion of capital would help the business.  He provided us with stability through the rocky times when we were figuring out what we were supposed to be.  He will be missed terribly but his legacy lives on in all those whose lives he touched and in the stability of this organization.

He had a keen sense of where the sector was going and I relied on him to help me stay on top of things.  My favorite memories are of talking with him in his office, usually late in the afternoon.  I would be checking to see if he could lock up and would invariably end up in a long conversation (as all conversations were with Roland).  When we would wrap up he would assure me he was just about to head home but I knew he would spend another couple of hours there working on loans in his pipeline.

In these moments it seems like words feel wholly inadequate to encapsulate a person’s life.  So much is left unsaid and so much is left out.  I will miss Roland greatly.  I hope you all take a moment to honor his legacy with us.

His presence in this organization and the broader community will be missed.  His dedication will live on in our organization forever.  When they are available we will provide information on his memorial service.



Joe Sky-Tucker

President and CEO

Business Impact NW


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Joe Sky-Tucker has over twenty years’ experience working in the nonprofit world in a variety of positions and organizations including direct experience working with at risk youth and families in crisis, fund development, and strategic planning. Currently he works as the President and CEO of Business Impact NW, an asset building/community lender that specializes in supporting small and micro-businesses; helping them to achieve financial stability.  He has also worked with “at-risk” youth in mental health settings including working with foster care youth, children in locked psychiatric settings, and group homes.  Joe Sky-Tucker has a Masters in Social Work from the University of Washington.  He lives in Seattle.

6 thoughts on “To Our CDFI and Small Business Community

  1. Rebecca Villareal - April 28, 2024

    Thank you for your kind words about Roland. His sense of humor will be missed. He was an excellent loan officer. I often referred loan clients to him and he took good care of my clients.

    Please let me know about the memorial service. I worked with him at CCD as a biz consultant and WBC director.

    Rebecca Villareal

    1. Faith Hamilton - April 29, 2024

      Hi Rebecca,

      Thank you for your thoughtful words about Roland. It’s clear that he left a lasting impression not only as a loan officer but also as a cherished colleague and friend. I’ll send you the memorial service details as soon as we have them.

  2. Ruth Ann Halford - April 28, 2024

    This is so sad. Over the years when I worked with him or in other organizations I would frequently consult with him about deals. He always had financial answers infused with heart.
    Please inform.me of his memorial arrangements.

    1. Faith Hamilton - April 29, 2024

      Thank you Ruth Ann. Roland’s expertise was only surpassed by his compassion. Your comments speak volumes about the positive impact he had on those around him. I’ll be sure to keep you updated on the details of his memorial arrangements as soon as we have them.

  3. Alice Davis - April 29, 2024

    I worked with Roland for 13 years, during that time, we developed a friendship. He was kind and considerate. I especially appreciated his analytical skills and his ability to interept the numbers. Roland had many talents including his knowledge of astrology and astronomy. Many small buisnesses are thriving today because of Roland’s special approach to credit. So many of us will miss his presence but remember his spirt in the universe.

    1. Faith Hamilton - April 29, 2024

      We couldn’t agree more Alice. Thank you for sharing your beautiful tribute to him. It’s incredible to think about how his compassionate approach to lending has had such a ripple effect, helping so many small businesses. His legacy will continue to thrive through the success of those he helped.

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