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Ready Set Grow – A Successful COVID Pivot Story

Ready Set Grow LLC is a woman-owned hair care business located in Auburn. Sarah Singh is the proud owner of Ready Set Grow LLC Dba MVP Hair Care whose mission is to provide customers with a high-quality line of natural hair care products infused with essential Minerals, Vitamins, and Proteins, sourced from seeds, nuts, and fruits. Their products are plant-based, vegan, and free of synthetic ingredients, which can significantly damage one’s hair, body, and environment.

Leveraging a Loan to Pivot a Business

On Aug. 16, 2021, Ready Set Grow received a Flex Fund loan from Business Impact NW.  

Owner Sarah Singh

“The purpose of the loan was for purchasing inventory, equipment, day-to-day expenses, paying other debts, and marketing,” said Singh. “I have been fortunate enough to have had a great business relationship with Ngan Phan at Business Impact NW since February 2021.”

The consignment store Singh was selling her products out of shut down due to the impact of COVID-19. Singh knew that she would have to pivot to e-commerce sooner than she had anticipated, otherwise her business would have to shut down as well.

“I had been struggling for several months to stay afloat prior to meeting Ngan,” said Singh. “She helped me to acquire the flex loan during the time I was experiencing a disruption in my supply chains.”

According to Singh, the cost of supplies went up along with shipping and handling fees. There was also a delay in receiving her products. During the same time, Singh was in the process of getting her website designed.

“Without the funding, I would not have been able to purchase inventory, equipment, and maintain the day-to-day expenses and other debts,” said Singh.

MVP Haircare

Because of the loan from Business Impact NW, Ready Set Grow is up and running as MVP Hair Care. Now Singh has the opportunity to put the money her company earns to good use.

Ready to Make a Difference

Prior to her nephew Brandon Carlisle’s high school graduation, Carlisle was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Through extensive research, Singh came across St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital that specializes in treating children and working to defeat childhood cancer and other life-threatening diseases. 

“I called St. Jude's to see if they could treat my nephew who was approaching 18 years of age at the time,” said Singh.

Unfortunately, St. Jude's has a cut-off age of treating patients at 17 years old. Carlisle ended up being treated at a different local hospital.

“He's in his 30’s now and to this day his tumors still come and go, but are currently in remission and by the Grace of God he's still with us,” said Singh. “Since that experience, I have had a desire to donate to Saint Jude's but couldn't afford it. Now that I have a small business and once it's stable enough, one of my priorities is to give back to the community by donating monthly to Saint Jude Children's Research Hospital because they are really doing God's work.” 

To learn more about MVP Hair Care, the dba of Ready Set Grow, you can check them out online.

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