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Office of Labor Standards Series #3: Seattle Labor Laws Guide Website Tool

Please follow our discussion series as we post regular blogs on all the latest news with Seattle’s labor standards ordinances. We will also highlight various tools and resources that Business Impact NW can provide to educate and guide small business owners on understanding and complying with Seattle’s labor standards laws.

Business Impact NW and the Ethnic Chambers of Commerce Coalition (ECCC) are now providing free outreach, education, and technical assistance to business owners on the Seattle Labor Standards ordinances through a partnership with the City of Seattle Office of Labor Standards (OLS) under the Business Outreach and Education Fund (BOEF). 

In our efforts to support small businesses under this partnership, we are continuously working on tools and resources to make compliance easier. Recently, we launched a user-friendly Seattle Labor Laws Guide website tool. Combining various resources into a comprehensive step-by-step guide, the tool guides business owners through the Seattle Labor Standards ordinances. It provides additional documents, download links and resources such as information on the minimum wage ordinance, paid leave, policies and procedures for conducting, or using criminal background checks, and more.

Here’s a preview of the interactive Seattle Labor Laws Guide website tool, which can be accessed at

Seattle Labor Laws

Be sure to follow our blog series as we continue to dive deeper into the details and impact of Seattle’s labor standards laws on small business owners.

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Henry Wong is a graduate of the University of Virginia with a Bachelor of Science in Systems and Information Engineering. Prior to joining the Business Impact NW team, he spent 7 years working in the Strategy group at CarMax developing and implementing inventory and buying strategies. Following his time at CarMax, he spent 3 years running his own mobile food truck business and consulting other mobile food start-ups in Tennessee. After selling his food truck, he moved to Seattle where he worked briefly with a food delivery tech startup. He did contract work for some local nonprofit organizations, including Business Impact NW, before joining the organization full-time. Having grown up around a family-owned restaurant and as a former entrepreneur, Henry understands the unique challenges that small business owners face. He also knows their advantages and the incredible value they can bring. Henry is passionate about leveraging his extensive experiences in strategy and operations to support clients in any stage of their business and strategic planning from concept to growth.

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