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food business resource center

Food & Farm Business Incubator for Washington Small Farm & Agricultural Food Businesses


The Food Business Resource Center (FBRC) at Business Impact NW is running an incubator program focused on providing food production space and wraparound educational training for farm businesses and packaged food businesses who source ingredients primarily from local agricultural producers.

This program will support development and market testing of value-added food products using raw materials from King County/Puget Sound farms. Incubator participants will enter the program as a cohort and be divided into multiple pathways based on experience and stage of business.

What You'll Get

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  • Business Training and One-on-One Coaching
  • Access to Production Kitchen and Support
  • Tiered Cost System from No-Cost, % subsidized, to Market Rate depending on program stage
  • Specialized Training and Mentorship
  • Connections to other Business Owners
  • Access to Capital and Market Opportunities

Incubator Program Summary

  • 18-20 Month Pilot Program – Adaptable based on individual business needs
  • Required Monthly Coaching Sessions
  • Required Workshop Training Participation (6-7 sessions bi-weekly or monthly)
  • Access to Rental Time in Commercial Production Kitchen
  • Access to specialized workshops/trainings and mentor sessions
  • Access to weekly or bi-weekly drop-in coaching hours
  • Access to mentor sessions
  • Professional Service offerings (accounting, marketing, etc)
  • One-on-one technical assistance with business planning and kitchen operations from FBRC staff

How to Participate

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General Participant Requirements:

  • Commitment to education/workshop/coaching requirements
  • Adherence to both program and kitchen operational guidelines/rules
  • Products made from regionally sourced agricultural materials (at or above 60% local ingredients or plan to get to that sourcing level)
  • Proper permits/licensing/insurance in place for using commercial kitchen

If Accepted into the Program:

  • Intake Assessment with FBRC (permitting, sourcing, etc)
  • Program Orientation and Kitchen On-Boarding Training
  • Enrollment into Applicable Program Pathways (Tiered Pricing for Kitchen Time)

For questions or more info, please email fbrc@businessimpactnw.org

This project is funded in part by a grant from the King Conservation District and in partnership with 21 Acres.


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