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See you in 2025!

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Food Biz Week 2024 was full of insight, & connection with experienced food and farm entrepreneurs from OR & WA State!

A whopping estimate of over 300 people signed up to attend either webinars, networking events, or both to dive in, and explore the latest trends in local farm sourcing, community growth, and customer base building. We're buzzing with excitement and can't thank you enough for joining us in this thrilling event!


All speakers will give a visual description of themselves during introductions
Automatic Closed Captioning will be made available through the platform
This event will be hosted in English, with Spanish translation available [Este evento se llevará a cabo en inglés con traducción disponible en español]

Panel discussions, presentations, and networking opportunities for food and farm entrepreneurs at all stages to help their businesses launch, grow, and thrive. 

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