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You know it’s time to grow. Your business is off the ground and doing well.  You're ready to take it to the Next Level.  But, you’re not sure how to take the next step. Maybe you’re not even sure just what the next step is. We’re here to help.

Business Impact NW offers free to low-cost classes and business coaching to help you grow your successful business.  We serve ALL entrepreneurs, especially those from communities of color, women, veterans, immigrants and refugees, and LGBTQ+. We’re here to be your sounding board, advisers, and cheering section, your funding source and your access to resources.

From classes to mentors and one-on-one coaching, let us help you solve problems or remove obstacles from your path.  Whether you are looking to gain new skills, secure capital for growth, or take a deep dive into revising or expanding your business plan, we can help.

Choose from "Grow Path" cohort classes, webinars, connections to outside resources, and one-on-one business coaching to grow your dream.

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