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VBOC Small Business “It” Series



Plan It

The Business Model Canvas is a strategic, visual, organizational tool that can be used to develop a new business model or document an existing one. And its innovative, visual approach gives business executives the ability to see the relationship between the different segments of their business and identify otherwise hidden opportunities or risks.
In this workshop you will learn the who, what, why, when, and how of the Business Model Canvas, including it nine essential building blocks, its relationship to the “formal” business plan, and its effectiveness throughout the life of your business. Bring your business ideas and be ready for an engaging, hands on class. 1.5hr

Hashtag It

This workshop is all about using social media to benefit the small business entrepreneur. We'll focus on the most popular social media sites, and how to navigate them as a first-time user for your business.
This class is aimed towards individuals who are new to using social media platforms. This class is aimed towards individuals who are new to using social media platforms. 1.5hr

Crowdfund It

Considering Crowdfunding? This workshop is for you! The class starts with a brief description of the most popular Crowdfunding platforms, the differences between rewards, debt and equity, and help deciding which the best option for your venture is. We will also cover the steps to make your campaign successful regardless of the platform you choose. Learn the basics about setting your funding goals, writing a impactful profile, structuring easy to understand rewards, and promoting your campaign through both face-to-face marketing and social media. 1.5hr