Starting and running a business requires support from your community.

Unfortunately far too often in many communities, there is a lack of resources and networks when starting a business.

Business Impact NW’s Build your Network, Build your Business Program works to coordinate and surround entrepreneurs with a network of supporters, advisors, peers, and amazing mentors. This special mentorship program is directed specifically toward Women, Veteran, Communities of Color, Immigrants & Refugees, and the LGBTQ+ business communities. Beginning in 2018, we are expanding this work to support these social networks in South King County. 

We believe that mentors are a vital part of an aspiring entrepreneur’s success. We will be actively recruiting a small group of dedicated business owners ready to give back to the next group of entrepreneurs. We think it is worth mentioning here that mentors are not business coaches or business consultants. Mentors are valuable community resources that encourage aspiring entrepreneurs by sharing their own journey, resources, and perspectives. 

Mentors do not currently have to be running a business but we ask they have started and run a business for three or more years. As we know entrepreneurship is not always a straight line, we will consider mentors who do not meet the above requirement but can provide value to our mentees.

What we ask of our mentors:

  1. Fill and submit an application below
  2. Attend 1.5 hours mentor orientation webinar before formal mentoring begins
  3. Co-create a mentor/mentee agreement

The following are the minimum commitments required in the agreement:

  • Meet with mentee at least 1-hour every month in person or via video conferencing
  • Agree to 1-year in length commitment
  • Complete a review and feedback survey about the program in December 2018 (grant requirement)

We encourage, but do not require, the following commitments:

  • Attend a networking event together
  • Meet in person once if possible

Formal participation in this program as a mentor is contingent upon clear results of a background check.