Donate a Service or Item

Your Discounts and Donations Help Nonprofits Like Us Thrive

Business Impact NW is always looking to partner with people and businesses as in-kind donors. Plus, your donation is tax-deductible, whether you are a company or an individual. Your support helps us do great work, and gains you donor recognition (and marketing) as well.


We work with companies to support our events with in-kind donations on catering, A/V, photography, videography, and even venue space. We also partner with companies with support our internal works with services such as IT, accounting, printing, legal services, and more.


We love your stuff! A great way to support the work we do is with donations of new and lightly used office goods, such as computers, office furniture, office supplies, and more. We are also always looking to partner with companies that would like to provide items and tools for new business owners to utilize (useful biz swag, if you will), or giveaways for fundraising raffles at our events.

Documentation: Tax Benefits

In-Kind Donation Form
This downloadable form provides documentation of your donation for our matching grant and fundraising records, and also serves as a record of your donation for tax purposes. Please include this form with your donation.

For more information or to make an in-kind donation, please contact us directly.