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What our clients are saying:

  • Good classes for business development at a variety of levels - great resources for entrepreneurs just starting out or those already well on their way.
  • Current experts in all areas of business with talks, classes and opportunities to keep abreast of the times and learn necessary things.
  • The classes are very helpful, and they are taught by fellow business owners not ivory-tower individuals. Take a free class this month, and see if you can benefit!
  • Really getting a lot out of your presentations--I love the way you explain things. Thank you!

Square One is the first step to accessing services from Business Impact NW.

Whether you are in the idea phase of business, an established business owner, in need of business counseling, or ready to apply for a loan, this 1.5 hours course will introduce you to the programs and services we offer, give you the opportunity to schedule meetings with a business counselor, and offer specific information regarding our lending process as it applies to you individually.

Square 1 is now offered as in-person classes and webinars.

Webinars occur Wednesday mornings at 9am and Tuesday evenings at 6:00pm on alternating weeks. To sign up, click below to view the course calendar and select your next class:

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This course is offered free of charge thanks to the Washington Women's Business Center

The Small Business "It" Series is a series of webinars covering topics requested by you, our clients. Essential for small business owners looking to maximize their success in today's world of diverse consumers, these series cover topics ranging from writing your business plan to conquering social media.

Plan It

The Business Model Canvas is a strategic, visual, organizational tool that can be used to develop a new business model or document an existing one. And its innovative, visual approach gives business executives the ability to see the relationship between the different segments of their business and identify otherwise hidden opportunities or risks. In this workshop you will learn the who, what, why, when, and how of the Business Model Canvas, including it nine essential building blocks, its relationship to the “formal” business plan, and its effectiveness throughout the life of your business. Bring your business ideas and be ready for an engaging, hands on class.

Hashtag It

This workshop is all about using social media to benefit the small business entrepreneur. We'll focus on the most popular social media sites, and how to navigate them as a first-time user for your business. This class is aimed towards individuals who are new to using social media platforms. This class is aimed towards individuals who are new to using social media platforms.

Crowdfund It

Considering Crowdfunding? This workshop is for you! The class starts with a brief description of the most popular Crowdfunding platforms, the differences between rewards, debt and equity, and help deciding which the best option for your venture is. We will also cover the steps to make your campaign successful regardless of the platform you choose. Learn the basics about setting your funding goals, writing a impactful profile, structuring easy to understand rewards, and promoting your campaign through both face-to-face marketing and social media.

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This series is offered free of charge thanks to the Veterans Business Outreach Center

Learn from the experts during these lunchtime sessions, bringing you perspective from the best in the business. Real-world experts join us to present on their field of mastery. Topics range from marketing to quickbooks, online storefronts to social media management, and much more. Sessions also offer a fantastic opportunity to network with other business professionals. Bring a lunch and join us during these free learning sessions.

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This course is offered free of charge thanks to the Washington Women's Business Center

Launch & Grow Your Business is a Washington State SEAP approved course designed to train participants on starting and running their business. Through seven, 3-hour sessions participants will learn how to manage, market and finance their business while creating a solid business plan.

This opportunity is designed to be an immersive, seven-week program and is a paid course.

Session Descriptions

Session I: Planning

  • What is an entrepreneur?
  • What does it mean to be a business owner?
  • Feasibility and business planning.
  • Key components of a business plan, leadership and business ethics.

Session II: Products and Services

  • Products/Services
  • Price
  • Distribution/Place
  • Features versus Benefits
  • USP
  • Competitive Matrix

Session III: Marketing Part 1

  • Industry
  • Customer
  • Competition
  • SWOT Analysis

Session IV: Marketing Part 2

  • Components of marketing strategy, including:
  • An in-depth look at social media marketing and budget strategies.

Session V: Financial Planning Part 1

  • Understanding Financial Statements
  • Record-keeping
  • Chart of Accounts and Financial Ratios.

Session VI: Financial Planning Part 2

  • Cash flow projection
  • Financing options
  • The 5 “C”s of Lending

Session VII: Growth

  • Human Resource Management
  • Contractor vs. Employee
  • Growing Your Business
  • Group Presentations


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This course is offered at low cost thanks to the Washington Women's Business Center with scholarships available thanks to the Wells Fargo Foundation.

Grow & Thrive is a structured mentor program with expert guidance & advice, perfect for any business owner who wants to take their business to the next level. Participants will develop a strategic plan with defined objectives with 3-5 year targets working with their current financial statements, operating manuals, marketing materials, etc. The course will conclude with pitch presentations, presented before a panel of business professionals, followed by a networking reception.

This course is designed for business owners who have been in business at least a year and are averaging over $25,000 in annual sales or have completed the Launch & Grow program. Through seven, 3-hour sessions held over a 12-week period, business owners work with subject-area experts to design a plan to strategically grow their business. Additionally, they are paired with mentors for further guidance and support.

This opportunity is designed to be an immersive program and is a paid course. Each participant can expect to budget 10-12 hours per session to ensure success in this class—this includes 3 hours of class time and 7-9 hours of “pre- & post- session work” outside of class.

The next course series: Tuesdays starting in September, 10 am – 1 pm, Business Impact NW

  • September 11 – Orientation
  • September 18 - Session One: Know Your Business: Strategic Assessment and Setting Goals
  • October 2 - Session Two: Marketing & Sales
  • October 16 - Session Three: Financial Management
  • October 30 - Session Four: Resource Management: Operations
  • November 13 - Session Five: Resource Management: Human Resources
  • December 4 - Session Six: Pitch & Networking Reception

Mentors TBD

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This course is offered at low cost thanks to the Washington Women's Business Center

Knowing the Rules - Seattle Office of Labor Standards

Do you do business in the City of Seattle? Are you thinking about hiring your first employee? Do you want to avoid hefty fines just because you didn’t know the rules? This session is dedicated to understanding the complex and often overwhelming rules and regulations pertaining to hiring and retaining employees in the City of Seattle.

This workshop is run by one of our Business Impact NW Office of Labor Standards experts.

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This course is offered free of charge thanks to the Ethnic Chambers of Commerce Coalition and the City of Seattle