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Build a Website | Building an E-Commerce Store | Getting Found & Email Marketing

Are you ready to make your website or online store? Do you need to understand online marketing and social media to reach your small business goals? Would you like the tools, skills, and mentorship to help you build a successful digital presence at no charge?

Empower by GoDaddy offers training to grow your business's digital presence, and two years of free digital products. Enroll in one of our courses to receive 1 website hosting or ecommerce hosting account with SEO & email marketing, 1 domain name and 1 Office 365 email account.

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What's Covered

Next Courses

Track 1 - Build Your Website: Create the website you've always wanted adding your own content with confidence.

Track 2 - Building an E-Commerce Store: Set up a modern, flexible store with powerful selling tools and flexible shipping and payment options.

Track 3 - Getting Found & Email Marketing: Build Awareness, reach out to local customers or keep exiting customers coming back for more.

(All tracks are offered online and in-person)

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Goodies from GoDaddy: Optional Product Bundles

* GoDaddy products are not required to enroll in educational modules (limit 1 bundle).

Establish your online presence with a 2 year free GoDaddy project bundle! (Limit 1 bundle).  After 2 years, entrepreneurs can enroll in a discount program to receive 50-70% off products.

Product Bundle 1 (for businesses without e-commerce)

  • One available domain name (.org, .com, .net)
  • One shared hosting account
  • Search engine optimization
  • Email marketing
  • One Office 365 email account
  • GoDaddy 24/7

Product Bundle 2 (for e-commerce businesses)

  • One available domain name (.org, .com, .net)
  • One ecommerce hosting account
  • Search engine optimization
  • Email marketing
  • One Office 365 email account
  • GoDaddy 24/7 Customer Support

GoDaddy Support

Fuel Your Business Friday: Free one-hour to 90 minute webinars every other Friday (Mid-July – December). Sign in to the Online Learning platform to access the webinars.

Group Coaching: Live group coaching on specific topics. 90 minute sessions with ten entrepreneur maximum per session. Pre-registration required on the Online Learning platform.

GoDaddy 24/7 Customer Support (phone and chat): Call 480-505-8877 or visit the contact page for local phone numbers: www.godaddy.com/contact-us

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