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  1. Ed Spatz says :Reply

    I am interested in training/education to start a small business in olympia.
    I am a disabled veteran.

    1. VBOC says :Reply

      Hi Ed, go ahead and sign up at https://sba-vboc.ecenterdirect.com/signup so we can schedule you with a counselor.

  2. Frank Gibson says :Reply

    Hello, I’m a retired National Guard member here in Tacoma and I’m starting a small farm. I could use some education in small business development in Tacoma

    1. Danielle Moser says :Reply

      Hi Frank, go ahead and sign up at https://sba-vboc.ecenterdirect.com/signup

  3. LAWRENCE M BROCHA says :Reply

    I am a disabled Veteran, I am interested in starting a business building homes. Are there any resources available?

    1. Danielle Moser says :Reply

      Hi Lawrence,
      Yes! We provide access to capital, classes,and one-on-one business coaching for everything from management, licensing, business model, marketing, to so much more. We recommend everyone start with a Square One class (businessimpactnw.org/calendar) that you can take in person or online as a webinar, which gives you a solid idea of what we can offer and where you should start depending on your area(s) of need. You can also sign up for one-on-one coaching if you are established and looking for a series of sessions to help you stay on track with specific business tasks that we can help you with at https://sba-vboc.ecenterdirect.com/signup.

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