Launch and Grow Your Business- Seattle

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September 12, 2018
10:00 am - 1:00 pm

Business Impact NW

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Launch & Grow Your Business

(WA State SEAP Approved Course)

This course will teach you how to start and grow your business. During seven sessions, participants will learn how to manage, market and finance their businesses, with a focus on writing a business plan. Participants will also enjoy networking with other people who are starting or running businesses.

Session One: Planning 

What is an entrepreneur? What does it mean to be a business owner? Feasibility and business planning. Key components of a business plan, leadership and business ethics.

Session Two: Products & Services 

Products/Services, Price, Distribution/Place, Features versus Benefits, USP, Competitive Matrix

Session Three: Marketing I 

Industry, Customer, competition, SWOT Analysis

Session Four: Marketing II

Components of marketing strategy, including in-depth look at social media marketing, budget

Session Five: Financial Planning I

Understanding Financial Statements, Recordkeeping, Chart of Accounts, Financial Ratios.

Session Six: Financial Planning II

Cash flow projection—in the computer lab, Financing options, 5 “C”s of Lending

Session Seven: Growth

Human Resource Management, Contractor vs. Employee, Growing Your Business and Group Presentations.


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