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If financial hardship is a barrier to taking the Launch & Grow class to help you launch your business, apply for a half-price discount scholarship below.  Upon approval, you will be directed back to this page to make your class payment, which will finalize your class enrollment.
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The following is the privacy policy for Business Impact NW. For our Rainmakers privacy policy, please click here. Business Impact NW operates http://www.businessimpactnw.org. This page informs you of our policies regarding the collection, use and disclosure of Personal Information we receive from users of the Site. We use your Personal Information only for providing and
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No matter the culture, the country, or the business sector, the entrepreneurial spirit is universal. It is equal parts unbridled optimism, staunch determination, and sheer madness. On Wednesday September 14, 2016 we (Business Impact NW) were invited by the SBA to meet with eight women entrepreneurs from all over Africa to share our work through
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  The Washington Women’s Business Center, hosted by Business Impact NW sent out the invitation to women-owned small businesses from our community for its inaugural showcase, ‘Celebrating Dreams, Celebrating Success. The idea was to create a networking space in which local women entrepreneurs and established businesses could comingle with investors and community mentors to celebrate
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“If you empower an entrepreneur, an entrepreneur can change the world.” Crowdfunding; it’s gaining steam as an important buzz word in the small business community, but what exactly does it mean? From the more well-known Kickstarter and Indiegogo to CrowdFunder, CircleUp and AngelList, there are many platforms from which to choose, which provide a space
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VBOC offers “Plan it!” the first in a trilogy of free small-business seminars. Say you have a goat, and you are selling your goat at auction as USDA grade A meat. Your buyers are vendors looking for large orders of high-quality product to ship to a number of locations. How much would these buyers appreciate
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SEAP is a Washington State Unemployment Security Department Program and is NOT run by Business Impact NW. If you are enrolled in the WA State SEAP program, you are eligible to enroll in Launch & Grow classes at a discounted rate, while receiving your state benefits through the SEAP program. Read more information about the
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This week at Business Impact NW we had our annual Earth Day panel with special guests from the City of Seattle’s Collaborative Green Business Program. Stephanie Noren and Stephanie Gowing co-hosted a brilliant presentation outlining what it means to be a part of Seattle’s thriving culture of sustainability. Their interactive panel placed a focus on