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Rules & Prizes

Video Voting Rules

  1. You may vote once per video per 24 hours.  For example, if you vote at 8am one day, you will be unable to vote on the same video the next day until 8:01am.
  2. You may vote for as many different videos as you like.  Voting is not limited to only one contestant video.
  3. Voting is regulated per IP address.  This means computers or devices sharing the same IP address, such as different people on the same network at a place of business, will only be allowed one vote per IP address.  If you are being limited by having shared IP addresses, we recommend utilizing private devices to vote, such as cell phones using data (not the same wifi/IP as the shared computers).
  4. Contestants are competing with their category or "track": established business and startup/early-stage business.
  5. Voting is open from August 19th at 12:01am PST to August 28th at 11:59pm PST.  Vote early, vote often, vote to help contestants make it to the final round!

About the Contestants and Their Rules:

Contestants in this video voting round are on Round 3 of a larger IMPACT Pitch competition that opened in May, 2019.  These are the top semi-finalists; from here, contestants will be selected for the final round, where the top 8 will pitch to a live audience on September 19th.  You can learn more about the contest and steps these contestants have gone through here.

Contestant rules for this round:

  • Contestants have been asked to submit a video no more than four (4) minutes in total length;
  • Content of video must address concisely what the business does, what problem it is solving for its customer/client, who the team is, and the positive economic impact the business will have on the regional community (see rubric for details).
  • Participants were encouraged to create their own videos using free tools.

Advancing to Final Round LIVE Pitch Competition:

  • Contestants will be judged on public votes AND private judge scores.
  • At the completion of the public voting, videos will be ranked one (1) to sixteen (16) based solely on the number of public votes received. The public voting score will be combined with an overall score from the judging panel based on the rubric.
  • Contestants were/are encouraged to prepare and execute a social media plan in order to increase their total number of public votes.
  • Contestants must adhere to the rubric in order to advance to the top eight.
  • Five startup/early stage and three established semi-finalist businesses will be announced on August 30 to advance to round four where they will compete for two (2) $10,000 prizes: one for an established business, and one for a startup/early-stage business. However, contest organizers reserve the right to adjust the split of established and startup businesses based on the quality and quantity of submissions in each category.

Winning a Business Impact NW Mission Award ($2,000 to each: women-, veteran-, persons of color-, immigrant/refugee-, and LGBTQ+-owned business):

  • Winner will be determined solely on the rubric criteria for Round Three, without the addition of public voting scores.
  • Awards will be given at Business Impact NW judges’ and guest judges’ sole discretion.
  • Winning a special mission award in Round Three does not disqualify a business from advancing to round four, or winning a LIVE Pitch $10,000 award.
  • Mission Award Winners will be notified by after August 30th privately, and invited to attend the IMPACT Pitch event where the award will be presented publicly. Mission fit per the rubric is at the sole discretion of Business Impact NW.

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