Food Biz Week

February 22nd - 25th  |  Live - Virtual

Food Biz Week is a free opportunity for food and farm businesses at all levels of food production and food retail in the Pacific Northwest to learn from industry experts and fellow experienced colleagues through a curated week of virtual panels, presentations, and networking activities. The event will be all virtual and free so food and farm entrepreneurs are invited to attend from anywhere in the region (Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Alaska).

This year, Business Impact NW has partnered with the Prosper Portland, Portland Japan Initiative, the PNW Packaged Food & Beverage Google Group, and Sustainable Connections to host Food Biz Week. 

Food Biz Week Schedule

  • Tuesday, February 22nd, 2022 – Farm-to-Table Trade Meeting
  • Wednesday, February 23rd, 2022 – Virtual Panels: Farm Businesses
  • Thursday, February 24th, 2022 – Virtual Panels: Packaged Food/Value-Add Businesses
  • Friday, February 25th, 2022 – Virtual Panels: Foodservice Businesses

Registration is now open!  When you register for Food Biz Week you are given access to Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday's events. Tuesday is a paid event in partnership with Sustainable Connections.
You will be able to register for one, some, or all of the sessions you would like to attend.



A week of panel discussions, presentations, and networking opportunities for food and farm entrepreneurs at all stages with education, insight, and connections to help their businesses launch, grow, and thrive.

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  • All speakers will give a visual description of themselves during introductions
  • Automatic Closed Captioning will be made available on the digital platform
  • This event will be hosted in English, with Spanish translation available [Este evento se llevará a cabo en inglés con traducción disponible en español]
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More About Food Biz Week 2022

Food Biz Week will kick off on Tuesday, February 22nd, with the annual Farm-to-Table Trade Meeting hosted by Sustainable Connections. Puget Sound’s premier food & farm business conference will provide an opportunity to learn about local food systems and make valuable farm and market connections.

Food Biz Week will conclude with three days of FREE Virtual Panels from Wednesday, February 23rd-Friday, February 25th hosted by the Food Business Resource Center at Business Impact NW. Three industry-focused days of panels for Farm Businesses, Packaged Food Businesses, and Food Service Businesses will provide an opportunity for food and farm entrepreneurs at all stages to gain education, insights, and connections to help their business launch, grow, and thrive. Explore pathways to launching and growing a food or farm business through industry-expert discussions and connect with resource providers who can support your business along the way.


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Watch The Food Biz Week 2021 Recordings

Day 1: Farm Businesses

Finding Farmland 

A panel exploring various options and support for addressing land access challenges with:

  • Lily Gottlieb-McHale of Washington Farmland Trust
  • Anna Chotzen of Viva Farms 
  • Shelley Pasco of Whistling Train Farm


Responding to the Post-COVID Consumer: New & Emerging Markets

A panel discussion on new markets and channels that have emerged or expanded as a result of the pandemic and thoughts on how to reach consumers post-COVID with:

  • Devra Gartenstein of New Day Cooperative
  • Rand Rasheed of One Leaf Farm
  • Chris Teeny of Pacific Coast Harvest

Day 2: Packaged Food/Value-Add Businesses

Exploring Post-COVID Sales Channels

A panel exploring post-COVID sales channels for packaged food and value-add businesses. Discover what our speakers have learned works and explore new opportunities in selling packaged foods!

  • Logan Niles of Pot Pie Factory
  • Devra Gartenstein of Patty Pan Collective
  • Katie Cole of Molly Moon’s

Packaging and Labeling for Retail

A panel discussion on tips and best practices for getting retail-ready from expert businesses who have successfully gone retail with:

  • Dan Smith of RECIPE 33
  • Susan Soltes – Bow Hill Farm (former owner)
  • Kara McKnight – Timber City Ginger Beer
  • Donna Moodie – Marjorie Restaurant & Miss Marjorie’s Steel Drum Plantains

Day 3: Financing for Food and Farm

Exploring Funding Options

A panel of business owners will talk about unique ways to fund food and farm businesses outside traditional loans like crowdfunding, self-funding on a budget, grants, investors, and more!

  • Lauren Anderson – Grain Artisan Bakery + Market
  • Ray Williams – Black Farmers Collective
  • Hannah Wilson – Yes Farm, Black Farmers Collective
  • Sash Sunday – OlyKraut
Traditional Financing for Food and Farm

A panel of lenders to help you explore various pathways and options for lending in launching or growing your food or farm business.

  • Erika Lindholm – Craft 3
  • Roland Chaiton – Business Impact NW
  • Darcy Maldonado – USDA Farm Service Agency

Day 4: Foodservice Businesses

Foodservices Outlook: 2021 and Beyond

A panel exploring the current status and future outlook of the foodservice industry, from restaurants to food trucks, catering, pop-up shops, and more. We’re looking at what has worked and how it will continue.

  • Eric Tanaka of Tom Douglas Seattle Kitchen
  • Jasmine Donovan of Dick’s Drive-In
  • Lilian Ryland of Naija Buka

Successful Pivots during COVID and Beyond

A deeper dive into successful pivots in food service from business owners who have launched, grown, and/or pivoted during the pandemic

  • Eric Tanaka of Tom Douglas Seattle Kitchen
  • Efrem Fesaha of Boon Boona Coffee
  • Rodney Hines of Métier Brewing Company

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