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Thank You for Attending Food Biz Week 2024!

This week was full of insight, & connection with experienced food and farm entrepreneurs from OR & WA State!

A whopping estimate of over 300 people signed up to attend either webinars, networking events, or both to dive in, and explore the latest trends in local farm sourcing, community growth, and customer base building. We're buzzing with excitement and can't thank you enough for joining us in this thrilling event!

FBW24 Event Recap Post Card

We also would like to express our deep appreciation to our event partners, their interviews, invaluable advice, and personal stories empower our community's small farm and food businesses with the necessary tools for success.

Your participation in this exciting event means the world to us!


  • Speakers will give a visual description of themselves during introductions
  • Automatic Closed Captioning will be made available on the digital platform

2024 Featured Speakers

threesisters-pedroPedro Ferbel-Azcárate
Three Sisters Nixtamal

In the summer of 2012, Three Sisters Nixtamal started selling organic freshly-ground masa, yellow and blue corn tortillas and Enchiladas Potosinas at the People’s Co-op Farmers Market in Southeast Portland. The following summer they began at the Saturday PSU Portland Farmers Market and tortillas started showing up on store shelves shortly thereafter. They are currently available at New Seasons, Portland & Seattle Whole Foods and many co-ops and specialty markets in Portland and throughout the Northwest.


republica-angelAngel Medina
República & Co

Established in November of 2020. What started as a small, humble little Restaurant has become a small, mighty, and still humble Hospitality Group. República & Co. is composed of a group of Restaurants, Coffee Shops, a Coffee Roastery, and a Bakery. All were built within the span of two years. Their purpose is to create the greatest Mexico-Forward restaurant group in the Americas by challenging the way (Mexican) culture, food, and people are perceived with a mission to empower women, LGBTQ+, and BIPOC individuals by helping co-launch and co-own their establishments under their guidance, mentorship, and financial support.


goatandseed-ZanderZander Natallanni
Goat & Seed Family Farm

Goat & Seed started back in 2013 as a city farm on Yesler Way in Seattle, Washington. From that 1/4-acre lot, they would later expand to 10 acres on two properties in Snohomish County, Washington. After a brief hiatus to focus on important aspects in building a ground breaking and strong working farm, they have now moved onto a beautiful 13 acres known as Twin Willows.


Xinca-cynthiaCynthia Duran
Xinca Foods

Xinca is a family-owned company led by Cynthia Duran, a *Salvi Latina. After her family migrated to the United States while fleeing the Salvadorian civil war, their family found comfort in cooking authentic dishes that reminded them of home. Cooking their family recipes allowed the new generation (Cynthia) to experience a little bit of El Salvador. Their goal is to share their culture through our                                              food.


snowgrassfarm-JennyJenny Bourgeois
Snowgrass Farm

Snowgrass Farm grows Certified Organic produce for Leavenworth and the Upper Valley. They’re a small farm with 2 acres of diversified crops tucked between two forested ridges on P'Squosa land, surrounded by pure Pacific Northwest nature. They utilize certified organic farming methods, various permaculture concepts, and selective minimal tillage practices to help regenerate and build healthy soils and nutritional crops. Through an ecologically focused stewardship approach, they enhance biodiversity through diverse perennial plantings and hedgerows, wildlife habitat development, and responsible weed management that help achieve a highly diversified farm environment. The resulting healthy ecosystem provides incredibly nutritious and flavorful produce. Snowgrass Farm is                                       the realization of Jenny’s farming experience and apprenticeships over the years.


brimmerandheeltap-JenJen Doak
Brimmer & Heeltap

Brimmer & Heeltap is spearheaded by Jen Doak, a Seattle local with over two decades of experience in the wine and hospitality industries. She is an avid menu collector, ordained minister, and a collector of new experiences locally and globally. Jen thrives on bringing people together and truly cares about being surrounded by good people and quality interactions.



ohsunbanchan-saraSara Upshaw
OHSUN Banchan Deli & Café

Sara, Ohsun's owner and cook based out of Seattle, has been a food blogger, cookbook author, pop-up cook, and in 2022, a restaurateur. Sara says of OHSUN, “It’s important to me that I serve the food and flavors I like to eat, and not concentrate on fusion or elevating a dish. Equally as important, I do not let tradition put me into a box. My food is my identity: Bold and patient from Korean flavors with seasonal inspiration from the Pacific Northwest and a touch of Southern roots.

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