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Business Impact NW has a diverse portfolio of investors and investment opportunities. Join us in supporting Washington's small businesses today.

Become A Business Partner

Since inception in 1997, We have provided loans to nearly 900 under-banked small businesses totaling over $40.4 million, creating and sustaining over 6,000 jobs. SEDF has graduated over 400 of our loan customers to commercial banks.

Business Impact NW has provided business assistance and entrepreneurial training to over 40,000 prospective, nascent, and experienced entrepreneurs approximately:

  • 30% low or very low-income
  • 20% moderate income
  • 50% minority
  • 60% women

Demand for services is constantly increasing, especially with the recent recession rendering many previously bankable companies under-banked. This is where you come in. By leveraging additional funds, and/ or creating new financial products, investing in a CDFI like Business Impact NW ensures both financial and social returns.


  • • Channel capital to our community
  • • Effectively reach and serve borrowers
  • • Combine loan capital with our technical assistance program
When banks invest with us at Business Impact NW (BIN) they are able to effectively channel capital to communities most in need of development. Small business and micro-loans made by CDFI’s like BIN require comprehensive, tailored assistance throughout the life of the loan and extensive personal support. Working with our bank partners, BIN brings loan capital together with technical assistance crucial to successful lending practices. Our banking partners are able to reduce risk, increase their small-business lending programs, obtain CRA credit, and benefit from BIN’s structuring, evaluation, processing and servicing through loan participations.


  • • Mission-relevant investment opportunities
  • • Work towards annual payout requirements
  • • Returns on investment to fund further philanthropic activities
Grants from you play a big part in supporting our operational costs. Did you know we also welcome mission-related investments? Not only can they play a big part in furthering your mission but these investments generate a financial return. Below market-rate investments are eligible towards your foundation’s annual payout requirement and best of all, they offer a return on capital, putting money back into your pocket and furthering your philanthropic ventures. It’s a win-win.

Individual Investors

  • • Low-cost, long-tern funds
  • • Your mission is our mission
  • • Financial and social benefits on returns
Our individual investors participate in socially responsible investing: seeking social and community impacts in addition to financial returns on their contribution. BIN’s mission to offer affordable financial products and business assistance to constituents relies on low-cost, patient capital structures to account for the greater-than-market financing risk. BIN works in tandem with its community supporters to continue to deliver and expand social returns in our region.
  • Your investment with BIN will not only earn you a return, your funds will have a direct impact on your community providing the capital to make a difference in your neighborhood. For further details on how you or your organization can invest with BIN, please reach out to us via email: or by calling (206)324-4330 Ext. 100