TransparentPlanet: Practicing Sustainability Through the Use of Green Tech

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lauren-6-16-headshotNature is majestic in every sense of the word—its beauty and its immensity indescribable; and while conversing with Lauren Roman, it was obvious that she does not take this truth for granted. Lauren translates who she is and what she firmly believes in through her business, TransparentPlanet; she provides solutions to processes that pose detrimental effects in the environment by introducing and marketing new technologies that are largely sustainable and beneficial to the earth.
Before founding TransparentPlanet which she manages independently, she was involved in the electronic recycling and hazardous waste field for twenty years, seeking new recovery technologies to reduce waste. She has extensive experience in the business of environmental sustainability through technology, making her a credible professional to rely on when it comes to such matters.

Nowadays, she continues to pursue multiple ways to contribute to the development of the Circular Economy on earth. According to her website (, “A Circular Economy is one that designs out waste so that none is produced in the first place. It is restorative and regenerative and keeps products and materials at their highest usage and value at all times.” Instead of disposing electronic waste which normally ends up in dumps or landfills, Lauren advises and collaborates with companies in Vancouver, British Columbia, Chicago, Colorado, among others, to utilize technologies that would turn metals into materials or products that are functional. She also promotes the relevance and importance of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and other Automatic identification & Data Capture (AIDC) as tools for tracking, as these aid in locating products, materials, assets, and supply chains. She likens the AIDC to a cat or dog chip found underneath its skin.


She explains, “If one’s cat or dog gets lost, the veterinarian can tell the owner where its location is through a scanner.” In the same way, companies can easily trace the area in which their products are through the advanced technology of Automatic Identification with RFID. In general, Lauren helps out firms practice sustainability by utilizing green technology, spreading awareness in the process. She enjoys her work because she is always discovering new technologies that have positive effects on the earth’s environment—she remarks fervidly, “When I see things that actually clears up the world, that’s what I get most excited about.” Concrete and visible solutions are what she seeks and brings to the table—her passion for a better world does not end in words or will, she delivers.

Lauren envisions to help more and more companies attain sustainability goals as she continues to research about Automatic Identification, consequently as her company grows in the consecutive years. At the core of her individuality as a human being is the desire to create a cleaner world, for our generation, and the next, and the next.



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